We have been operating on the Polish market since 2008. Since then, our successful expansion into European markets has also begun. We are building houses in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. The headquarters of our company is located in Goleszów near Ustron (Cieszyn poviat) at ul. Skrajnej 13. The basic scope of our activity is wooden construction. We guarantee timely and high quality of our services, using the highest quality materials. During many years of activity, we have built several dozen houses. We also made a large number of carpentry and carpentry works: roof trusses, roofing, façades, finishing works. We are a solid and reliable company. Our extensive experience and a large number of satisfied customers entitles us to invite you to use our services. Articles about the EKO-DOM company:
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Our company has existed since 2008. During this time, we have created a team of specialized professionals who has become a guarantee of our professionalism. We know that even the best materials do not guarantee quality if they are used in the wrong way, that's why we have a permanent team of people who have built over 100 houses with us. There is no place for random subcontractors in our company. No one will study at your home.


Building a house requires practical, not textbook, knowledge in many areas, such as building law, logistics, technologies and building materials. We have been acquiring and improving this knowledge since 2008. This is a guarantee of the quality and timeliness of our work. If you want to build a house without nerves, without constantly getting involved in the construction process and without errors, we are the best choice.


Each client is unique, everyone has their own idea of a dream home. Our task is to help you realize your dreams. Most of the projects presented to you were created through interviews with clients and matching the house to their requirements. The EKO-DOM company treats each client individually. Therefore, it is possible to change the offered project and even create a new project taking into account your wishes.



ul. skrajna 13
43-440 Goleszów


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